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Parent Handbook

2020-2021 Version

The 2020-21 academic year brings some technology improvements to the Kyoto International School community.

  • Secure Web Portal replacing this site with a private site for school related resources, forms, links, and information. The new portal can be accessed from main website, or directly at

  • SchoolsBuddy to manage Bukatsu (clubs), After-School Lessons, Childcare registrations and related communications. Parents require login credentials, a welcome email has been sent. If the activation email was lost, please confirm or check your spam folder. Anyone experiencing difficulty and would like assistance, please contact or complete IT support form.

Mobile Apps for ManageBac:
Mobile Apps for SchoolsBuddy:

Dedicated communications channel: Given the unique circumstances we are currently in, KIS has created ‘’. If you send an email that is urgent and related to Distance Learning, Educational Technology Support, COVID19 etc it will be picked up by either the Principal, Deputy Principal, Business Manager, and or the ICT Director.