April 3rd 2020


Distance Learning extended to Wednesday 6 May

Greetings everyone,

Continuation of Distance Learning

In the last 24hrs circumstances related to COVID-19 have changed in our region, in Japan and within the Japanese Council of International schools (JCIS). For the safety and health of the students, the families and the staff, KIS will extend Distance Learning to Wednesday 6 May (end of Golden Week). This decision was made following informed discussion with the Senior Leadership Team and the Board Chair. It is a decision made in light of the increasing spread of COVID-19 within Kyoto City and Prefecture; the extension of closure for Japanese public schools in Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Kanagawa; and the extension of most JCIS schools offering Distance Learning until at least May 6.


Monday 6 April - Student Free Day (teachers will deliver a pre-recored morning message - this will give teaches a chance to plan the pathway of learning for this extended Distance Learning

Tuesday 7 April - Distance Learning resumes

Wednesday 29 April - Public Holiday (Showa Day) no Distance Learning

Monday 4 May - Wednesday 6 May Golden Week no Distance Learning

Thursday 7 May - Re-entry to KIS (if circumstances the students to re-enter that are healthy and safe)

Monday 25 May - normal school day (cancelation of KIS festival)


Wednesday 22 April - Friday 24 April Hanase Camp G1-G5

Wednesday 22 April - Friday 24 April Discovering Hiroshima G6-G8

Sunday 24 May - KIS Festival


During this time of COVID-19 teachers have worked extremely hard to support student learning. They have up-skilled, innovated, created and challenged their students everyday to deliver an environment of learning. Thankfully with the support of our community, learning has been able to continue. KIS will look at ways to support the work of the community in these times, when we return to normal. Areas we are looking to financially support the community will be access to childcare for those grades that have had unique challenges; increased access to Summer School (for KIS only students); and more choice for After School Clubs when we re-enter school. KIS will detail this support in subsequent newsletters.

Tuition covers the entire academic years programme. In the current learning environment this is being done through Distance Learning. We hope to return to face-to-face teaching as soon as it is safe for all the community. Every teacher has risen to this unprecedented challenge in an exemplary and professional manner. KIS is a not-for-profit school. Our resources, whilst well budgeted, are streamlined. There will be no tuition increase next year, except in Early Years One which is a tuition correction to align with the remainder of the school.

With this all in mind, we thank the community for continuing to pay full tuition, which supports the wonderful work the entire KIS staff has continued to deliver. Term Three tuition is due Monday 6 April

Withdrawal/ Short Term Leave

The guidelines for both Withdrawal and Short Term Leave remain the same:

  • Withdrawal - students are leaving KIS and would need to re-apply for Admission if they chose to return to school.
  • Short Term Leave - applied for through the Principal due to circumstances such as illness or re-location (does not include Distance Learning)

Should parents choose either of these options, please notify the office.

Thank you for your continued support


Who do I choose to be during the COVID-19?

It is a great question during, what is for many of us unprecedented times and challenges. Taking stock of those things that are important and to be grateful for, in these times is not always easy. In any one day you may even exist in all three zones! With a view to the Growth Zone and developing a 'This is life' right now and how do I want that moment to be, is something to aim toward.

Updated travel advisory (April 3)

Ministry of Justice COVID19

Clubs and Lesson - Term Three

Term 3 clubs and lessons will start on May 7th.

If you wish to withdraw your child from T3 club or lesson, please use this form to let us know.

Withdraw form for Term 3 lessons

Sign up form for Term 3 club and lessons will be posted on the 17 April newsletter.

Distance Learning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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FAQs Distance Learning

Preventative measures to stay healthy

Exciting news from the Yearbook Committee! This year you will be able to pre-order your 2019-20 Yearbook from the school website.

Don't miss out on the memories of this year:

- Meet The Teachers

- Halloween

- Winter Concert

- Distance Learning (a special addition!)

- Plus much more!!!

Shipping options will be available both domestically and international.

Yearbook 2019-20

Grade 9 in 2020-21

KIS recently announced, on social media, the re-introduction of Grade 9 to the school. It gives the school great pleasure in confirming Grade 9 will be offered in 2020-21 academic year.

This has been made possible through the availability of experienced high school teachers, as of next academic year.

So please, get the word around that KIS is an Early Years to Grade 9 school!!!

Families And Books (FAB) time

FAB will return Thursday 7 May

Enjoy FAB time with your children:

  • choose books with them
  • borrow up to two books
  • take some time to read together

Day: every Thursday

Venue: KIS Library

Time: 3:00 to 4:00

Requirement: Every Child has to be accompanied by a parent.

Book borrowing: Students can borrow up to two books at a time

Weather Warnings - Update


Adjustments to the school day may be necessary in the case of inclement weather or other situations which may endanger the students and faculty. In general, KIS is guided by warnings issued from the Japan Meteorological Agency.

In specific circumstances KIS applies the following guidelines:

Heat Stress Index- KIS is guided by the Ministry of Environment Heat Illness prevention guides Heat Illness Prevention Guides. KIS applies the guides for temperatures in Kyoto Prefecture found at Heat Stress Index (Kyoto) This may result in a change of normal activities and routines for school that day.

Hazardous Wind Watch- KIS is guided by the Japan Meteorological Agency. KIS is guided by the warnings for Kyoto Prefecture found at Hazardous Wind Watch Kyoto. This may result in a change of normal activities and routines for school that day.

Thunderstorms- KIS is guided by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

KIS is guided by the warnings for Kyoto Prefecture found at Weather Warnings/Advisories (Thunderstorms) : Kyoto-shi If a warning is then outdoor activity must be suspended and students and staff must take shelter.

Upcoming Events


  • 6th April: Start Term Three
  • 22nd-24th April: Primary Camps
  • 22nd-24th April: Understanding Hiroshima (Middle school excursion)
  • 29th April Showa Day (Showa no Hi) school closed