March 13th 2020

Distance Learning Update

Greetings everyone,

All academic staff met this morning as we continue to reflect and develop our approach to Distance Learning. Many great ideas came out. One was to support the community with some Mindfulness. You will see after this article is the Mindful Bell Exercise. Let us know if you would more activities like this one to help support you at home during Distance Learning.

Monday 16 March - Thursday 19 March

Normal Distance Learning lesson. Posted by the teachers. You can also follow each week through

Friday 20 March Vernal Equinox (Japanese public holiday) No Distance Learning

Monday 23 March - Thursday 26 March

During this week parents are encouraged to connect with the teachers. As we miss out on Student Led Conferences, the teachers wanted to offer the parents a chance to talk about their child and how they are progressing in class. It is a great chance to chat about how students are going in class since the beginning of Term Two. Feel free to reach out to your teachers.

Normal Distance Learning lesson. Posted by the teachers. You can also follow each week through

Friday 27 March - House Challenge (Black Turtles, Blue Dragons, Red Phoenix, White Tigers)

Students will be encouraged to complete a variety of challenges in music, the arts, Japanese, and sports to name a few areas. The completion of the challenges will earn their house points. It will be a fun and exciting way to end Term 2. We will post a live ladder

Return to normal lesson Monday April 6 (unless there are unforeseen changes that make this unsafe for the community)

Mindful Bell Exercise

A simple exercise to use at home to support creating a positive environment during Distance Learning. This exercise helps you to keep yourself firmly grounded in the present.

Find a quiet relaxing space.

In this exercise:

1. Start the video

2.Get comfortable.

3. Close your eyes and listen for the cue. When you hear it, your aim is to focus your attention on the sound and continue your concentration until it fades completely. (

Getting the most out of Distance Learning

A few takeaways from this weeks Distance Learning:

- Keeping a balance between screen time and other activities is important

- Communication between school and home is crucial to effectiveness

- Timely communication between student and teacher is key

- Workloads need to be managed by the entire community (students/ parents/teachers)

- Consistency of instructions is optimal

- Including time to relax is important

Here is the parent survey for Week 2:

Exciting news from the Yearbook Committee! This year you will be able to pre-order your 2019-20 Yearbook from the school website.

Don't miss out on the memories of this year:

- Meet The Teachers

- Halloween

- Winter Concert

- Distance Learning (a special addition!)

- Plus much more!!!

Shipping options will be available both domestically and international.

Yearbook 2019-20

Preventative measures against COVID-19

Grade 9 in 2020-21

KIS recently announced, on social media, the re-introduction of Grade 9 to the school. It gives the school great pleasure in confirming Grade 9 will be offered in 2020-21 academic year.

This has been made possible through the availability of experienced high school teachers, as of next academic year.

So please, get the word around that KIS is an Early Years to Grade 9 school!!!

Support Marlene's G5 Exhibition

I am Marlene from Grade 5 and for my PYP exhibition I created a clothing drive. You can donate any kind of clothes, torn, stained, too small, out of fashion, too big, ugly and old clothing. You can find the donation bob next to the sinks and the door on the first floor inside of the green dinosaur. The due date of the clothing drive is March 20th. All the clothing that you donate will go to people in need.

KIS Festival (24 May)

Time- 10:00 to 15:00

We are happy to announce that we set up the festival committee.

Lin (G2,EL1,3),Akane(G7) in charge of the food booths

Yuka(EL3),Keiko(EL2),Yuki(EL2) in charge of the Gym Activities

Misuzu(G4),Amiko(G5) in charge of the stage performances

If you are interested in participating, or just want to share your ideas,

please contact the Festival committee members directly or email <> .

We are currently making a team to help organize this fun event. If you are interested in participating, or just want to share your ideas or learn more, please contact the PTA via email <> or Amiko (G5 Sakura’s mother) or Emi (G7 Nima’s mother) directly.

PYP Exhibition

Save the Date

Where We Are in Place and Time


Grade 5 invites KIS parents and community to come and share in their IB PYP Exhibition Journey.

Everyone is welcome!

Monday 23rd, March from 5 - 7 pm in the KIS community room.

See you there!

Coffee Mornings

NEXT MEETING: March 12th - Digital Citizenship

Dear KIS Community,

We are pleased to announce upcoming Coffee Mornings until the end of the school year.

We welcome your support and attendance at these events as we continue to make KIS a strong learning community.

Please find attached a description outlining each session.


Michael and Taylor

Parent Japanese Classes

Come along and learn Japanese with Ms. Tokura (=Ms. Jung Sook) 11:20 -12:05 on Wednesdays in the Community Room. If you would like to join, please contact Ms. Tokura directly (

Dates for this term:

  • March 4, 11, 18, 25

Morning Library Time

On wet library mornings* from 8:10 to 8:50, we would like to welcome students and caregivers to the library. Every early learner needs to be accompanied by a caregiver. All other grade levels can come in on their own. We look forward to seeing you!

*Note: except Thursdays when the library is already booked.

See you in the library!


(Families And Books - The FAB librarian programme)

FAB got underway this week. A small but happy band of parents utilised the library with their children under the guidance of our librarian, Galina.

Goal: caregivers/parents to enjoy time with their children- choose books with their children; borrow up to two books with their children; and read with their children

Day: every Thursday

Venue: KIS Library

Time: 3:30 to 4:30

Requirement: Every Child has to be accompanied by a parent.

Book borrowing: Students can borrow up to two books at a time

Weather Warnings - Update


Adjustments to the school day may be necessary in the case of inclement weather or other situations which may endanger the students and faculty. In general, KIS is guided by warnings issued from the Japan Meteorological Agency.

In specific circumstances KIS applies the following guidelines:

Heat Stress Index- KIS is guided by the Ministry of Environment Heat Illness prevention guides Heat Illness Prevention Guides. KIS applies the guides for temperatures in Kyoto Prefecture found at Heat Stress Index (Kyoto) This may result in a change of normal activities and routines for school that day.

Hazardous Wind Watch- KIS is guided by the Japan Meteorological Agency. KIS is guided by the warnings for Kyoto Prefecture found at Hazardous Wind Watch Kyoto. This may result in a change of normal activities and routines for school that day.

Thunderstorms- KIS is guided by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

KIS is guided by the warnings for Kyoto Prefecture found at Weather Warnings/Advisories (Thunderstorms) : Kyoto-shi If a warning is then outdoor activity must be suspended and students and staff must take shelter.

Upcoming Events


  • 27th: Last day of Term 2