May 1st 2020

Re entry to KIS moved to Monday 18 May

KIS will continue Distance Learning to include Thursday 7 May and Friday 8 May. The school has been in contact with the Board of Education of Kyoto Prefecture and based on information we have received KIS is planning to re enter school on Monday May 18. We continue to monitor the Prefecture Response and the Governments response to make the healthiest and safest possible decision for the community .

This week in Distance Learning

Distance Learning Update

Greetings everyone and welcome to your Distance Learning Update

Re-Entry to School

  • Kyoto Prefecture Board of Education has decided to extend school closures until Sunday 17 May
  • Japanese Government’s decision on the State Of Emergency will be updated on 6 May. As of the Newsletter being published no confirmation of extending State of Emergency but the signs are very strong this will happen.

In light of information we have received we will continue Distance Learning to include:

Distance Learning: Thursday 7 May - Friday 15 May (inclusive)

Re-Entry to KIS is now targeted for Monday 18 May.

KIS intends to make the safest healthiest decision for the entire community. This will be based on all available information.

It is not ideal to push the Re Entry date back again but we do want to make the most informed decision possible for your families welfare.

¥100 000 onetime payment

The Japanese Government will make a ¥100000 to all residents of Japan to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19. This article gives some insight into the draft guidelines for how this will be rolled out:

Parent Survey

Following on from this survey (Week 8) the next survey will be sent out during the week of May 11.

Parent Survey Link

May Day Challenge

Well what a great day of challenges was had by all. Great to see students, parents and teachers taking up the challenge. Once again the creativity and application to task by the community has been unrivaled. Did you miss something from May Day Challenge? Go to and you can re-watch the videos and see the challenges.

PTA Community Project

Dear KIS,

We hope this message finds you well and healthy in these extraordinary times. While the situation is changing daily, we are currently discussing ways in which the KIS community can get together and exchange their experiences, even if only online. Any suggestions are very welcome, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Today, we are writing to you to ask for your help in supporting the larger community around KIS. Horikawa clinic, which is located near Imadegawa, is struggling due to the lack of equipment, in particular gowns that protect the staff from Corona infection. (see the call for help in Japanese here:

The making handmade medical gown & donation project

KIS and the PTA would like to launch a gown donation project. We call for your help making gowns over the course of next week (Golden Week).

The materials that you need to make the gowns at your own home are placed as follows; (please take safety measures by wearing masks when you enter the school and come alone if you can)

Date: 4/30 (Thursday) & 5/1 (Friday)

Time: 9am-5pm

Where: the picnic tables in front of KIS office

What you need to bring back home: 70L plastic bags & duct tapes (nearly 3 bags can make 2 gowns & 1 roll of tape can make 6 gowns)

How to do:

These gowns can be made by anyone from very basic materials, as this videos shows:

(Emi Doyle has kindly offered to prepare a video in English, which we will distribute later this week)

The materials prepared by PTA are served on a first come first serve basis so even if you do not have time to pick up the materials at school, you can make it by your own with 2 main materials; 70L plastic bags (0.02 mm thinness or more) & duct tapes! You can find the plastic bags in a drug store or hardware shop.

The clinic appreciates very much for your generous donations and your precious time! Moreover, it would be a wonderful opportunity for students to learn how to make a good impact and some contributions to our community.

We would like to collect the finished gowns after Golden Week at the school entrance on May 7th and May 8th and deliver them to the clinic.

We would very much appreciate your support of this project, which we hope can contribute to strengthening our ties with the community around KIS.

Thanks for your help and stay healthy and safe!

With best wishes

the PTA

Visa Consultation and Legal Advice for Foreign Residents

Twice a month professionals are available to help you to find a solution to your Visa or Legal problems, free of charge.

Interpreters will be available on request.

Telephone* 075-752-3511

NEXT WEEK'S (ZOOM) Coffee Morning 30 April: Open Forum on Distance Learning

Study for free at Harvard!

Making the most of your physical distancing time can now include FREE courses at Harvard University. Take the challenge and develop your skills in these unique times

Courses in:

  • Computer programming
  • Humanities
  • Art & Design
  • Social Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Health & Medicine

Check it out at- Free Online Learning @ Harvard University

Guidelines for Accessing the Library

Accessing the Library Guidelines April 13th to May 1st 2020

Distance Learning website

The KIS Distance Learning website is the place to find:

  • Class timetable
  • Specialist subject information
  • Links and recordings for Parent Coffee Mornings
  • Atsumari and Challenge day recordings and links

The Coronavirus explained for the younger years:


Travel Restrictions

Distance Learning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click on the page to view the full version

FAQs Distance Learning

Preventative measures to stay healthy

Exciting news from the Yearbook Committee! This year you can pre-order your 2019-20 Yearbook from the school website.

Don't miss out on the memories of this year:

- Meet The Teachers

- Halloween

- Winter Concert

- Distance Learning (a special addition!)

- Plus much more!!!

Shipping options will be available both domestically and international.

Yearbook 2019-20

Grade 9 in 2020-21

KIS recently announced, on social media, the re-introduction of Grade 9 to the school. It gives the school great pleasure in confirming Grade 9 will be offered in 2020-21 academic year.

This has been made possible through the availability of experienced high school teachers, as of next academic year.

So please, get the word around that KIS is an Early Years to Grade 9 school!!!

Families And Books (FAB) time

FAB will return Thursday 7 May

Enjoy FAB time with your children:

  • choose books with them
  • borrow up to two books
  • take some time to read together

Day: every Thursday

Venue: KIS Library

Time: 3:00 to 4:00

Requirement: Every Child has to be accompanied by a parent.

Book borrowing: Students can borrow up to two books at a time

Weather Warnings - Update


Adjustments to the school day may be necessary in the case of inclement weather or other situations which may endanger the students and faculty. In general, KIS is guided by warnings issued from the Japan Meteorological Agency.

In specific circumstances KIS applies the following guidelines:

Heat Stress Index- KIS is guided by the Ministry of Environment Heat Illness prevention guides Heat Illness Prevention Guides. KIS applies the guides for temperatures in Kyoto Prefecture found at Heat Stress Index (Kyoto) This may result in a change of normal activities and routines for school that day.

Hazardous Wind Watch- KIS is guided by the Japan Meteorological Agency. KIS is guided by the warnings for Kyoto Prefecture found at Hazardous Wind Watch Kyoto. This may result in a change of normal activities and routines for school that day.

Thunderstorms- KIS is guided by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

KIS is guided by the warnings for Kyoto Prefecture found at Weather Warnings/Advisories (Thunderstorms) : Kyoto-shi If a warning is then outdoor activity must be suspended and students and staff must take shelter.

Upcoming Events


  • April 23rd: 10am - Parent Coffee Morning (Assessment)
  • April 29th: 10am - Parent Coffee Morning (Parent sharing session)