November 22nd 2019

Lost and Found

Recognise any of these items? Is your child missing a jacket, a hat, a pair of shoes? We have found them!

All these items are looking for their rightful home. Please take a quick look at the basement level, next to the lockers for all 'Lost and Found' items.

All unclaimed items will be given to a charity organisations in the new year.

Bike and pedestrian safety workshop

On Thursday the Kamigyo Police, ably assisted by a number of community volunteers, delivered bicycle and pedestrian workshops to students in K2-G8.

The G2-G8 became more familiar with the local road rules and how to navigate the streets safely.

EL2-G2 were 'walked' through pedestrian safety. Learning how to navigate the footpaths and crossroads safely. A big thank you to our local community for keeping the students of KIS safe.

Support Grade 4 Art

Please help collect PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle caps for a Grade 4 project. We are creating a mosaic that requires PET bottle caps. There are collection buckets on every floor and outside.

Thank you!

By Abella & Ayaka

The Emperor is coming to Kyoto

From the Wednesday 27- Thursday 28 November the Emperor Naruhito (徳仁,) will visit Kyoto He acceded to the Chrysanthemum Throne on 1 May 2019, beginning the Reiwa era. This is quite an exciting time for Kyoto:

'During a two-day stay in the old capital city of Kyoto, they will visit the mausoleums of two ancestral emperors. The couple will also hold a tea party at the Kyoto Imperial Palace for representatives of various circles in the region.' (NHK)

Kyoto Police have advised the school and surrounding areas there may be some congestion in traffic from between 5-15mins.

Updates from the PTA

News from the PTA

  • Movie night (Kids movie will be "The polar Express" or "Arthur Christmas" depending on kids age)
  • End of year clothes swap at Kuramaguchi organized by Lin

Bigger kids’ clothes are urgently needed (6 years old and above!!) for this event.

If you have any kids clothes which can be recycled, please contact Lin directly @ 080-4005-2005

  • PTA will have Winter Concert Cafe from 13:00-15:30. We would like to ask for baked goods, cookies, cakes that you can kindly donate before the event. Please remember, you don’t have to actually bake things. Store-bought treats are fine, too. Also we would like to ask you "Eco Friendly Rapping" this time.
  • As always, we need volunteers for:

1. Decorating Gym (12:00pm -

2. Cleaning up decorations after event

If you have any questions, please ask any member of the PTA or email

Grade 5 Pancake Breakfast

Grade 5 Pancake Breakfast in support of Zero Hunger

Today the Grade 5 delivered a very successful Pancake Breakfast to the KIS Community. This was in support of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 Zero Hunger.

From Grade 5:

'Thank you to everyone who came to the Pancake Breakfast this morning!

We very much appreciate your support of SDG #2 Zero Hunger and our garden areas.

We raised just over 20,000¥ which will go towards beautifying and making our campus more green.

Thank you for your continued support!

Grade 5'

Skating Towards Zero Hunger


Important to the culture of KIS, is developing Global Citizens and Active Learners. Aligning to these values, this year the school will be Skating Towards Zero Hunger. Students will be promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Good Health and Well Being (SDG3) by ice skating on that day as this supports ‘improving the health of millions of people, (and) increasing life expectancy’. Students will also focus, in the weeks leading up the event, on those people in the world that do not have enough to eat on a daily basis- ‘821 million people who are hungry today’ as per Zero Hunger (SDG2). KIS will work with Foodbank Kyoto who ‘has donated food in cooperation with welfare facilities and organizations. It is delivered to those who need it. And we are doing activities that work in good faith of each person that anyone can support someone.’

Our action

On Friday November 22 Grade 5 will be supporting SDG2 by cooking a pancake breakfast for the KIS community. In Atsumari on Friday December 6 Foodbank Kyoto will be accepting our first donations of food, through each class. On Friday December 13 Foodbank Kyoto will return to our Atsumari to receive our final donations for Skating Towards Zero Hunger

When: Friday 13 December


  • 0900-1200 Grade 1- Grade 8
  • 0930-1200 Early Learning 1-Early Learning 3

Venue: Kyoto Aquarena

Permission Form: Please complete the permission form and submit by Thursday, November 28th.

Intentions for 2020/21

Greetings KIS community,

We are already planning for next academic year- staffing, calendars, events etc.

Please fill in the following form indicating your intentions for 2020-21, as this information helps the school to plan effectively for the next school year.

All families - please fill out this form

Thank you!

KIS Winter Camp

KIS will be offering Winter Camp this year.

Date: Monday 16 December - Friday 20 December

Age: EL1 ~ G3

The deadline for signing up for Winter Camp is November 29th

Sign up here

School website:

KIS community movie and popcorn night

December 7, 2019 @KIS

Dear KIS community,

The PTA is pleased to announce a movie night for kids and adults!

Movie date and time: 15:30-17:30, Saturday, December 7, 2019 at Kyoto International School

Christmas movie for kids: either Polar Express, Elf, or The Grinch (TBC). Educational documentary for adults: Most Likely to Succeed (a well done and highly recommended film; see link below for further information).

Party: 17:30-18:30 (bring your own favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink).

Cost: 500 yen per adult and 300 yen per child for donations to pay for snacks and popcorn (any left over money will go towards painting the walls next to the entrance).

Sign up HERE

Morning Library Time

On wet library mornings* from 8:10 to 8:50, we would like to welcome students and caregivers to the library. Every early learner needs to be accompanied by a caregiver. All other grade levels can come in on their own. We look forward to seeing you!

*Note: except Thursdays when the library is already booked.

See you in the library!


Volunteer Library Assistants

Dear parents,

As the library is developing into a school-wide literacy hub we are in need of volunteer library assistants. Volunteers will assist the main librarian with the running and maintenance of the library. For example, checking in and out books, stacking books, keeping log of books, tracking books, preparing books for grades who have requested specific topics, monitoring of the library during recess and lunch times, and assisting with upcoming library events.

Volunteers Library Assistant can work flexible hours. They are welcome to nominate times between 8:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday. The hours of volunteering will be up to each volunteer.

If you think you are interested in the library assistant volunteer position please contact Galina, our head librarian, at

Thank you!


(Families And Books - The FAB librarian programme)

FAB got underway this week. A small but happy band of parents utilised the library with their children under the guidance of our librarian, Galina.

Goal: caregivers/parents to enjoy time with their children- choose books with their children; borrow up to two books with their children; and read with their children

Day: every Thursday

Venue: KIS Library

Time: 3:30 to 4:30

Requirement: Every Child has to be accompanied by a parent.

Book borrowing: Students can borrow up to two books at a time

Parent Japanese Classes

Great to see the parent Japanese classes kicking off this week. Jung Sook Kim sensei leading the way. If you would like to join, contact Jun Sook Kim directly (

Come along and learn Japanese with Ms. Tokura (Jung Sook) 11:20 -12:05 on Wednesdays in the library.

Dates for this term:

  • November 13, 20, 27
  • December 4, 11

Weather Warnings - Update


Adjustments to the school day may be necessary in the case of inclement weather or other situations which may endanger the students and faculty. In general, KIS is guided by warnings issued from the Japan Meteorological Agency.

In specific circumstances KIS applies the following guidelines:

Heat Stress Index- KIS is guided by the Ministry of Environment Heat Illness prevention guides Heat Illness Prevention Guides. KIS applies the guides for temperatures in Kyoto Prefecture found at Heat Stress Index (Kyoto) This may result in a change of normal activities and routines for school that day.

Hazardous Wind Watch- KIS is guided by the Japan Meteorological Agency. KIS is guided by the warnings for Kyoto Prefecture found at Hazardous Wind Watch Kyoto. This may result in a change of normal activities and routines for school that day.

Thunderstorms- KIS is guided by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

KIS is guided by the warnings for Kyoto Prefecture found at Weather Warnings/Advisories (Thunderstorms) : Kyoto-shi If a warning is then outdoor activity must be suspended and students and staff must take shelter.

Upcoming Events


Nov 19: G2-5 Last Swimming 🏊

Nov 21: Traffic Safety Workshop with Kamigyo Police🚲

Nov 25: G6 field trip to Sekigahara Warland

Nov 27: Annual Futsal Tournament at Marist Brothers